Are infants at risk of breast feeding – and infant carrying – related musculoskeletal disorders?

Introduction: Previous studies on breastfeeding (BF) and infant carrying (IC) positions were mostly focused on the mothers. Literature is scarce on the infant BF and IC positions. This study explored maternal knowledge and practices of infant BF and IC positions.
Method: 250 consenting nursing mothers participated in this cross-sectional study. A self-administered questionnaire that sought information on maternal socio-demographics, knowledge and practice of motherinfant positions during BF and IC was employed in the study. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics at p<0.05 alpha.
Results: 41.2% and 90.4% of the respondents had poor knowledge of BF and IC positions respectively. 81.6% and 35.8% adopted non-advisable BF and IC positions, respectively. Maternal knowledge levels were not determinants of BF and IC practices (BF: p = 0.752; IC: p = 0.112).
Conclusion: Infants are at high risk of BF and IC position-related musculoskeletal disorders.

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