Flexible software for the elimination of the markers used in the analysis of human posture through kinect®sensor

From a cibernetic approach, the body system can be defined like a net of structural and functional related subsystems with motor equifinality inside the concept of balance, energetic economy and comfort: therefore the ideal posture is the one that allows the maximum effectiveness of motor gesture, in absence of pain with the maximum energetic economy.
The present study research is based on the necessity to individuate a real objective evaluation system of the postural parameters, inexpensive and of simple use compared to the evaluation instruments in use already scientifically validated.
The instrument used in this study is the Microsoft Kinect®, gaming platform combined with the Xbox console. Created by Microsoft in the field of play, the Microsoft Kinect® for years has entertained millions of consumers through the Motion Capture System, the recording of movement through cameras and instant or deferred replay. The primary aim of this randomized controlled single-blind research is the demonstration that, despite being commonly defined objective the evaluation systems that utilize markers, is essential to look for an alternative evaluation method to minimize the systematic human error.
The results demonstrate the real validity of Kinect®, and have verified the reliability of the data obtained from the assessment, showing the scientific reliability of this innovative objective evaluation method in rehabilitation-clinical field.

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