Availability and effectiveness of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation according to subjective assessment of women after mastectomy

Breast cancer is currently the most dangerous and common malignant neoplasm occurring in women. Diagnosis and treatment of cancers affect women’s mental, physical and social functioning. Demands for rehabilitation therapy of women after mastectomy are increasingly high. The aim of

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The nature of developmental and educational dysfunctions of a modern family

The socio-psychological reality, in which the modern family functions, requires many interdisciplinary studies undertaken for diagnostic as well as corrective and therapeutic (aiding) purposes. This paper attempts to present, from the psychological perspective, the issue of dysfunction in terms of

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Safe travelling. A trip to Australia and South Pacific Islands

Introduction: Nowadays more and more people travel to Australia and the South Pacific Islands. These distant countries are attractive for their exoticism, different culture and unique fauna and flora. Travellers to the islands of Oceania are exposed to many risks,

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“Syndrome of contractures and deformities” according to Prof. Hans Mau as the primary cause of motoric deformities in children. Case studies including deformities of hips, neck, shank and spine

Authors claim that the problem of deformities in children and pain in adult patients can be connected to shortening of soft tissues followed by contractures of joints. The „syndrome of contractures” (SofC) described by Prof. Hans Mau – as “Syndrome

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“Imperfect hips”. Two clinical types of insufficiency of hip joints. Possibility of prophylaxis by physiotherapeutic methods

The article presents problems of pain syndrome as the first sign of illness of the left hip in the context of not fully cured dysplasia, and as the problem of the right hip as the result of the syndrome of

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The quality of emergency medical services and the number of places of employment

Introduction Paramedics care for and treat people in situations that pose an immediate risk to their health or life. Emergency medical systems and services are faced with increasingly high requirements; therefore, appropriate organization of medical care is essential. The sense

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Histochemical evaluation of iron content in oligodendrocytes in selected regions of the rat brain

Oligodendrocytes are the predominant iron-containing cells in the brain and mainly located in the vicinity of blood vessels and nerve fibres. One of the iron storage proteins located in oligodendrocytes is ferritin; the other one is transferrin. The main function

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„ …when you’re tired before you even start“ –Fatigue in paediatric oncology seen from different perspectives

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Tropical diseases in health science

The rapidly growing number of travelers covering global distances is a well-known fact. According to current data from the World Tourism Organization, over 150 million travelers visit developing countries every year, including 52 million people traveling to South Asia and

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Tolerance of the students at the Medical University in Białystok for different race, language and religion

Studies on the attitude of youth towards cultural, ethnic and religious minorities are currently necessary and important for several reasons. The diagnosis of those attitudes is important both for the prediction of development of intercultural dialogue and cooperation, and foreseeing

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