Rehabilitation outcomes post cemented and cementless total hip replacements in patients with primary coxarthrosis: Comparative study

Background: Degenerative and deformative changes of the hip joints rank among the most severe and most common musculoskeletal conditions affecting the elderly and reasonable number of these patients receive Total hip replacement (THR) with or without cement. The aim of

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The morphology of the feet of young basketball players against non-training population

The aim of the study was to evaluate the changes in the morphology of the feet of basketball players aged 11-18 against the non-training population. 267 people practicing basketball in sports clubs of the Podkarpackie Province were examined. The control

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Alcohol abuse-induced health and psychosocial losses among residents of social care institutions

Introduction. Alcoholism is one of the most serious social issues of modern times. In Poland, the importance of problems resulting from alcohol abuse or misuse is significant, both in the context of health, economic and social consequences. Aim. The aim

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Occurrence of bisphenol A and its effects on the human body

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a key component of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, which are widely used for production of food storage containers and numerous other products, including contact lenses, protective glasses, infant incubators, CDs and DVDs. Moreover, BPA is

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Bioelectric impedance analysis versus prediction equations for percent body fat in healthy nigerian adults: correlation or conflict

Background and objective: There is dearth of studies on the validation of equations for predicting Percent Body Fat (PBF) in sub-Saharan Africa. This study compared Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) estimated PBF and PBF predicted from equations. Materials and Methods: 1,350

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Glyphosate-based phospho-organic herbicides – an outline of action, metabolism and the selected effects on humans and other organisms

Glyphosate (GP) is an active substance of the most common group of herbicides, applied to large cultivation areas as well as small allotments, home and industrial greeneries, those along traffic routes and around public areas. GP is highly valued for

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Ischaemic stroke – one of the most frequent causes of disability

Ischaemic stroke is one of the most frequent causes of adult disability. Even with best stroke unit care, only about one third of patients recover without any neurologic deficits. This is a great health problem, especially in modern societies. Depending

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The podology problems in children and youth in gynecological, pediatric, neurological, and orthopedic perspectives. Diagnosis and therapy of feet deformities. Application of sport in the course of treatment

In last years of the 20th and in beginning of the 21st centuries, we observe the increasing number of children with feet deformities. There are valgus or valgo – planus deformity because of shortening of m. triceps surae and Achilles

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Allergenic potential of cosmetic ingredients

The present study discusses basic issues of cosmetological allergology, the essence of allergy and its mechanism. Allergenic and irritating effects of fragrance substances, preservatives, dyes, artificial nails and other cosmetic compounds causing allergic symptoms have been demonstrated. Moreover, legal aspects

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Changes in lung aeration and cross-sectional areas of the pulmonary vascular tree in animals exposed to oxygen up to 0.3 MPa

Clinical observations and results of experimental studies have demonstrated airway oxygen toxicity both in normo- and in hyperbarism. The majority of studies regard the lung parenchymal changes and only single ones focus on the effects of oxygen hyperbarism on the

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