Back pain Part I: causes, symptoms, immediate treatment

According to advocates of evolution, back pain dates back to the times when our progenitors stood upon their feet and assumed the erect position; due to the physiological curvatures shaped then in the form of cervical and lumbar lordosis as

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Assessment of effectiveness of health resort-based treatment in individuals after hip endoprothesoplasty

Introduction. The aim of the present study was to assess the effectiveness of health resort-based treatment in patients after hip endoprothesoplasty and to determine whether the treatment provided reduced the intensity of pain experienced by individuals after such procedures. Another

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Mothers’ knowledge of administration of first aid to preschoolers in choking incidents

Introduction. The level of knowledge of first aid administration in choking incidents amongst mothers of preschoolers, who are at a higher risk of injuries, is of great importance for the safety of children in health- and life-threatening incidents. Aim. To

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Effectiveness of start approach in reducing functional disability and pain in individuals with chronic non-specific low back pain

Background: Sub-grouping individuals with chronic non-specific low back pain (CNSLBP) based on prognostic factors and targeting treatment to address these factors is been advocated in recent trials. This study investigated the effects of the sub-grouping for targeted treatment (STarT) approach

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Evaluation physiotherapy group of children with autism spectrum disorders with visual perception

Introduction. Disorders of visual perception can be in the form of weakening: eye-hand coordination, perceptual constancy perception figures and background, perceive the position of objects in space, the perception of spatial relations. The subject of the study was to evaluate

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Influence of cardiorespiratory fitness on blood pressure among teenagers in Kano: North Western Nigeria

This study investigated the influenced of cardio respiratory fitness (CRF) on blood pressure (BP) among teenagers in Kano state. The research design used for the study was a cross-sectional design. Random sampling was used to recruit a total of five

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