Effect of different body positioning on lung function variables among patients with bronchial asthma

Published in 2017, 21 (3)

Background: Bronchial asthma is often characterized by a significant reduction in lung function variables. Different postures correlate with patients’ lung functions. The assessment of the lung function in different positions among asthmatic individuals might prove useful. Aim of the Study:

Physical rehabilitation of males-individuals with low back pain in the remission stage, using the healthy fitness tools

Published in 2017, 21 (3)

Background: In the article were based and developed the physical rehabilitation program with using a fitness tools aimed at restoring functional condition of individuals with low back pain in the remission. Also, there was developed a method of assessing the

Caring at the risk of dying? A knowledge, attitude and practice study of Nigerian physiotherapists on Ebola Virus Disease prevention and care

Published in 2017, 21 (3)

Background: The fatality of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) epidemics has serious implications on willingness to provide care for the infected persons, persons under investigation (PUI) or survivors. This study assessed knowledge, attitude and practice of Nigerian physiotherapists on EVD

Influence of the pelvis position and ischial support in the seated position on the column curvatures

Published in 2017, 21 (3)

Background: An adequate seated position may relieve and prevent many of cervical or lumbar pains. The long lasting seated positions are likely to result in non-physiological ranges of motion, which can be considered a risk factor for lumbar and cervical

Back pain. Part II. Diagnosis and pathogenesis of chronic cases

Published in 2017, 21 (3)

Chronic back pain is often a difficult issue for therapists. Imaging examinations are not always consistent with the clinical picture of condition and can generate false positive or false negative results. Therefore, functional tests are frequently more useful to establish

Pattern of neurologic, orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries sustained in commercial motorcycle accidents in Kano metropolis

Published in 2017, 21 (3)

Injuries resulting from commercial motorcycle accidents (CMAs) may produce disabilities that could lead to the loss of productivity among Nigerians. This one-year retrospective descriptive study assessed the pattern of neurologic, orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries sustained in CMAs in Kano

Preventive rehabilitation as a new direction of restorative medicine (development of thermodynamic health concept)

Published in 2017, 21 (2) Keywords: , , , ,

The fundamental position on the essence of life and health as a manifestation of the transformation of solar energy into other types of energy (thermal, mechanical, electrical, etc.) used in life processes is discussed. It is asserted that the effectiveness

Factors affecting adherence to physiotherapy appointments for caregivers of children with cerebral palsy in Kano metropolis

Published in 2017, 21 (2) Keywords: , , ,

Background: Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most commonly occurring physical disability in childhood. Poor adherence to physiotherapy appointments after discharged is one of the most problematic issue that makes the assessment of progress very difficult for children with CP in

Analysis of foot structure in pre-school children

Published in 2017, 21 (2)

The foot is a complex biokinematic structure and an important part of the static-dynamic musculoskeletal system. Its supportive, weight-bearing and locomotor functions are essential. These tasks can be fulfilled when the morphological foot structure, particularly the shape of longitudinal and

Influence of marital discord on compliance to physiotherapy appointment for caregivers of children with cerebral palsy in Kano metropolis (Nigeria)

Published in 2017, 21 (2) Keywords: , , ,

Background: The involvement of parents in compliance to treatment regime and home program may not be properly achieved where there is marital discord or separation. Despite the high growth of marital conflicts,and high number of children with cerebral palsy, there

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