Quality of life assessment after lower limb vascular surgeries

Vascular diseases in the lower limbs and their consequences significantly affect a patient`s quality of life. Quality of life is currently considered one of the most important aspects of treatment and rehabilitation. Aim: The aim of this study was to

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The use of carrier oils in aromatherapy massage and their effect on skin

Aromatherapy massage is a treatment in which essential oils are used. It combines the beneficial effects of manual massage technique, essential and carrier oils. Base oils are the mediators of aromatherapy; they improve contact between the masseur`s hands and the

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Influence of amputation type on activity limitation, participation restriction and quality of life among amputees in Kano, Nigeria

Background: Involvement of amputees in societal activities such as sports, recreation, cultural activities and employment will not only reduce stigmatization but also enhance their wellbeing and longevity. However, it is not known whether the type of amputation may influence activity

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Care of patients after spinal cord injury in the Polish and English public health system

Background: In England and Poland there are completely different models of healthcare, which translates into the type and amount of the support received. The aim of the present article is to show the differences in healthcare systems and to compare

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The role and responsibilities of a cosmetologist regarding prevention and treatment of rosacea

Rosacea, a long-term skin condition of various aetiologies affecting 2% of the population, predominantly individuals aged 25-35 and 45-55 years, is a challenge for dermatologists and cosmetologists. The disease develops in the skin with seborrhoeic and vascular disorders. The role

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Aromatherapy and methods of applying essential oils

Aromatherapy involves the use of high-quality essential oils entering the body via the airway or skin. When the first route is used, essential oils are inhaled; room aromatisation is less common. In direct aromatherapy, essential oils, diluted in water or

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Therapeutic cosmetology treatments for dry skin (xerosis)

Xerosis cutis is the medical term for dry skin, which is one of the most common symptoms of skin disorders such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and skin ageing. Therapeutic cosmetology has a wide range of professional products and procedures that

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Nigerian undergraduates’ knowledge, attitude and practice of accident casualty handling

Background and Objective: The practice of handling of accident casualties is an important factor in reducing a case fatality rate. This study assessed knowledge, attitude and practice of accident casualty handling among Nigerian undergraduates. Moreover, the prevalence of first aid

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Care of a child with Down`s syndrome subjectively assessed by parents

Introduction: Down`s syndrome (DS) is one of the most common chromosomal anomalies caused by trisomy 21 with a prevalence of 1/800-1000 life births, irrespective of gender. Due to medical advances and improved overall medical care, the median of survival of

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Low back pain. Part III; anatomical and biomechanical bases of kinesiotherapy

The maintenance of lumbar spine stability is essential for preventing low back pain. This stability depends on the efficiency of many muscles. The maintenance of muscular balance relies on proper cooperation between the phasic and the tonic muscles. Dysfunction of

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