New Methods of Diagnosis and Therapy of Cerebral Palsy Patients

Despite the development of medicine,the cerebral palsy remains one of the most frequent neurological disorders. Long-term care focused on achieving the patient’s maximum independence is still a challenge for the entire therapeutic team. Therefore, it is understandable that new support

Published in 2019, 23 (1) Keywords: ,

Changes in gross motor function in patients with cerebral palsy during treatment by the Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (the Kozyavkin Method)

Background and aim: Changes in gross motor function during the course of intensive neurophysiological rehabilitation were studied in 61 patients, aged 2-15 years, with spastic forms of cerebral palsy. Methods: All patients were examined before and at the end of

Published in 2019, 23 (1) Keywords: , , ,

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