Evaluation of longitudinal and transverse foot arches in 7-8-year-old children

Introduction: Posturaldefects are an essential social problem. The rapid development of technology resulted in limited physical activity among the youngest children, which leads to postural defects and abnormalities in foot development in children.
Material and methods: The study encompassed 42 children aged 7-8 years and was carried out in spring
2016. A podoscope was used to assess the feet parameters.
Results: The study findings confirm a significant correlation between the Clarke`s angle and gender.
However, no effect of age on foot arches and BMI was demonstrated. The higher the BMI, the lower the
Wejsflog’s index values. Moreover, no effect of BMI on the longitudinal arches of feet was observed.
Conclusions: Gender affects longitudinal foot arches. Age does not affect foot arches and BMI. BMI affects the Wejsflog’s index yet has not impact on longitudinal foot arches.

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