Evaluation physiotherapy group of children with autism spectrum disorders with visual perception

Introduction. Disorders of visual perception can be in the form of weakening: eye-hand coordination, perceptual constancy perception figures and background, perceive the position of objects in space, the perception of spatial relations. The subject of the study was to evaluate the physiotherapy in children of the autism spectrum with impaired visual perception.
Material and methods. The study involved 26 boys aged 3-6 years with autism attending therapy to the National Autism Society of Kielce. In research was based on observation on the perceptions disorders of the visual system. The study was based on observation relating to disorders of the visual system. Before treatment and after 6 months of its duration tests carried Clinical Observation and standardized Questionnaire Sensorimotor Disorders.
Results. In the group of children with autism have impaired regulation of sensory processing of visual and impaired eye movements in 3 dimensions. Examined children have a problem with normal convergence, the location of a visual stimulus and crossing the center line.
Conclusion. In children with autism spectrum disorders is a reduction in visual perception as a result of physiotherapy. Activities physiotherapy to improve the impact eye movement in the vertical, horizontal and oblique.

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