Health related quality of life of stroke survivors in Africa: a critical review of literature

Stroke care is aimed at improving physical, functional, psychological and social function and to eventually improve the overall health related quality of life (HRQOL). This paper critically reviewed published papers that reported on stroke survivors’ HRQOL and the factors associated with it from the African region. A total of 19 articles met the inclusion criteria for the review and majority of them 12 (63%) are cross-sectional surveys. In Africa, HRQOL deteriorated significantly after stroke. The reported mean score of HRQOL ranges from below 50% to slightly below 70%. Severity of stroke related symptoms, impairment of physical function, and depression were the most important factors determining HRQOL. However, the influence of social function on HRQOL needs further study. The Studies have shown that stroke rehabilitation in Africa leads to significant improvement HRQOL.
Finally, this review has highlighted some critical areas of HRQOL in which the intending African researcher needs examined adequately.

Keywords: Stroke Survivor, Africa, Health related quality of life

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