Impact of physiotherapy in auditory processing disorders in children with autism spectrum

Background: Auditory processing disorders (APDs) are characterised by impaired recognition and interpretation of sounds from the external environment.
Methods: The study involved 34 boys aged 4-9 years diagnosed with autism attending physiotherapy at the National Autism Society of Kielce. The study was based on observation regarding disorders of the auditory system. Clinical observation and standardized questionnaire of sensorimotor disorders were used prior to and 6 months after treatment. Moreover, the study benefited from the classical and adaptive test of speech understanding.
Results: The children with autism included in the study had problems with auditory hypersensitivity, difficulties in understanding verbal commands and focusing attention in noise.
Conclusion: Physiotherapy in children with autism spectrum disorders reduces auditory hypersensitivity, improves understanding of verbal commands and focusing in noise.

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