Instructions for Authors

The requirements for manuscripts submitted for publication

  1. Editors accept for publication:
    a) original papers,
    b) review papers,
    c) case studies,
    d) conference reports,
    e) letters to editors,
    f) book reviews;
  2. The text of original papers should be divided into the following parts: introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusions.
  3. In the original papers, review papers, case studies and conference reports, the author’s full name and surname and the name of the affiliated institution, should be typed. It is necessary to add keywords in Polish (not more than 3) and a summary covering 200-250 words. On the last page of the manuscript, the mailing address should be placed (below References).
  4. The list of references should include only those items that are cited in the text in square brackets in order of citation. Each reference should be written in a new line and preceded by a number; it should contain (Vancouver standard):In case of journal article: author(s)’s name(s), initials, article title, journal title (according to Index Medicus), year, volume, page(s).
    Pattern: Kowal N., Nowak A. Piętno schizofrenii. Bad. nad Schizofrenią, 2006; 33(1): 210-223.

    In case of a book: author(s)’s name(s), initials, title, place of issue, editor, year of issue.
    Pattern: Kowal Z.G. Psychiatria. Lublin; Press: 1923.

    In case of a book chapter: author(s)’s name(s), initials, title, In: Surnames and initials of editors of the volume, title, place of issue, publisher, year of page(s)
    Pattern: Nowak B.M. Stany psychotyczne. W: Kowal A.M, Głogowski P. red., Podręcznik Psychiatrii. wyd. 2., Lublin; Ananke: 1972, s. 203-230.

  5. Experimental works including results of research on human subjects, must be accompanied by a written approval of the research project by bioethics committee and must include a statement that the research protocol is compatible with the Declaration of Helsinki. The published work cannot disclose the personal data of patients. Publications on experimental research on animals must include a statement that the study was approved by the ethics committee, and that information should be placed in the paper in the ‘Description of the methodology of the research.
  6. The authors are kindly asked to observe the accuracy and the use of medical terminology and international (not commercial) names of drugs. Abbreviations in compliance with international system of units (SI) should be used.
  7. The manuscript accepted for publication is the copyright of Archives of Physiotherapy and Global Reserches. All copyrights – to publish and distribute the submitted material in all known forms are transferred to the Publisher. The manuscript cannot therefore be published in whole or in part in other publications in the country or overseas without obtaining permission of the Publisher. Each manuscript should be accompanied by a written statement that it was not submitted for publication in any other journal.
  8. The papers should be only e-mailed to the Editors of the journal:
  9. The authors of papers receive a notice confirming the receipt of article (s), which is not tantamount to accepting the paper for publication. The manuscripts that do not meet the requirements, will be returned to authors for redrafting and will not be considered substantively before bringing them to formal correctness. In the event of ineligibility of the manuscript for publication, it will be returned to the author.
  10. Original and review papers, case studies and reports as well as clinical observations are reviewed anonymously by two independent experts. After receiving a positive review, the author is asked to send the article in both English and Polish version with proofs following the comments of reviewers, within the period specified by the Editor. Failure to meet this deadline will be considered a resignation from the publication of the manuscript.
  11. The paper should be saved in Word for Windows font Times New Roman 12 pt, line spacing – 1.5, taking into account the following principles: the titles and subtitles should be written in a text letter (not capitals), the decimal numbers with dots (not commas ), indented paragraphs begin with the appropriate command from the menu: format, paragraph (not tabs).Tables and graphs (figures) should be inserted in the appropriate places in the article. Please do it in Word for Windows or Excel. The width of tables and figures must not exceed 16.5 cm (width of column journal) in the tables and descriptions of the drawings, use Times New Roman size 10 points, half tone illustrations should be saved as black and white (256 shades of grey, resolution 300 dpi) TIF, JPG or EPS, in the proportions in which they are printed, the chart fills do not use colours, only shades of grey or black and white patterns, the article must be accompanied by a high quality black and white printout of tables, charts and drawings of a size they are going to be published.
  12. Editors reserve the right to correct stylistic errors and terminology and abbreviations without making the necessary arrangements with the author.
  13. The prerequisite for publishing an article is to provide the following documents in the paper form:a) Statement of the originality of article. The author must sign this declaration personally. In the case of a collective work, it is necessary to make a declaration signed by at least the first author.

    A sample statement:
    I certify that neither this article nor any other of my authorship with very similar content has been published or submitted for publication in another journal.

    b) A declaration of no conflict of interests. The author must sign this declaration personally. In the case of a collective work, it is necessary to make a declaration signed by at least the first author. The existence of any relationships must be disclosed to the Editor in the form of a signed, personal statement briefly describing its character. The lack of relationships should be submitted in the form of a signed statement that should read: “I do not declare any relationships (conflict of interests) that could affect the objectivity and credibility of the work …. .

    In original works, in which there is presented research on humans or animals, one should include the approval of research ethics committee (Bioethics Committee).

    c) A statement of the sources of funding of the work. Information concerning occurred possible conflicts of interests and sources of funding is placed on the first page of each article. The authors should indicate funding sources and other types of material and organizational support received from any companies, institutions, organizations or individuals interested in publishing the work.

  14. The prerequisite for publishing an article is a clearly defined contribution of individual authors according to the scheme:A. research project preparation,
    B. data collection,
    C. statistical analysis,
    D. interpretation of the data,
    E. preparation of the manuscript,
    F. study of literature,
    G. received funds.

    In the submitted work for each author there should be placed the appropriate letter(s) /as a footnote.

    It is required to provide a statement in writing containing the declaration of contribution of the individual authors in the work based on the above scheme. Each author must sign this declaration personally.

  15. The statements specified in sections 13 and 14 must be sent to:
    Vincent Pol University in Lublin, ul. Choiny 2, 20-816 Lublin, Poland
    with the inscription: Arch Physiother Glob Res/ statements
  16. Publisher acquires usually exclusive copyright of publication (including the right to publish in print, electronic media, CD and on the Internet). For the above reason the authors do not receive remuneration.
  17. Reviewing procedure. Submitted manuscripts are blinded by the scientific secretary, who sends them to the thematic editors. Thematic editors appoint Reviewers. The Reviewers are usually having the titles of professor or postdoctoral degrees and they are from other centers, especially from abroad. Reviewers are anonymous for the authors.The authors are provided with a content of the review addressed to them. The paper is categorized by the options:
    – it is suitable for printing without making any corrections,
    – it is suitable for publication after making corrections according to the instructions of the Reviewer, without the need for another review,
    – it is suitable for printing after its redrafting according to remarks of the Reviewer and after another review ,
    – the paper is not suitable for printing.

    If it is necessary to make corrections required by Reviewers, the authors are required to make them within the period prescribed by the editors. All correspondence in this regard shall be only carried out by e-mail

    In the case of a collective work, the authors designate one person who provides e-mail address that shall be used in correspondence with the editors.

  18. The author has to demonstrate (in the References of submitted work), that he knows the thematic content of Archives of Physiotherapy and Global Researches in the subject undertaken by the paper.