Knowledge of first aid in road traffic accidents among drivers from the Staszów County

Introduction. Considering the extent and consequences of road traffic accidents, drivers should know the
principles of first aid.
Aim. The aim of the study was to determine the scope of knowledge concerning principles of first aid provided
in road traffic accidents among drivers of the Staszów County.
Material and methods. The study encompassed 80 respondents, active drivers, mainly workers of state institutions.
A diagnostic survey was carried out based on the author’s questionnaire.
Results. The number of individuals capable of taking proper action aimed at protecting basic vital functions
was found to be too low; 1/10th respondent would not administer any life- or health- saving first aid. The lack
of knowledge regarding the ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths was observed in 43.75% of respondents
while the proper depth of compressions during cardiac massage was known to 11.25% of respondents.
Additionally, not all participants of road traffic knew alarm phone numbers and were aware of a legal obligation
to administer first aid to accident victims.
First aid courses expand the knowledge of pre-professional medical rescue activities.
1. Only a few drivers are prepared to administer first aid on the scene. A large proportion does not know the
current guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council.
2. Effectiveness of first aid courses is low; therefore, the number of practical classes should be increased, so
that each participant who completed the course could deliver proper first aid at the scene of a road traffic accident.
Cyclic participation of drivers in first aid courses should be considered.
3. Besides driving tests, future drivers should take exams concerning rescue procedures at the scene of accident.

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