Medical equipment-based procedures in cosmetic technologies

In modern world, procedures associated with beauty maintenance or restoration are one of the most
profitable services. Many cosmetic procedures are based on the action of active substances, natural or produced by pharmaceutical companies (like medicines). The results of such procedures can be enhanced by various physical phenomena, as each form of energy generates biological effects. The effects of cosmetic procedures depend on numerous factors, including the kind and intensity of energy, time and the areas involved as well as the kinds of tissues that are affected.
Modern cosmetological procedures are based on various physical phenomena. The most common
ones include electromagnetic radiation, ultrasounds, various frequency currents, changes in pressure or
temperature. Until recently, these phenomena have been used separately. At present, in order to obtain better effects, the combination of two of them is most frequently applied, e.g. laser light and radiofrequency (RF) or intensive pulsating light (IPL) and RF. Such combinations improve the effectiveness of procedures albeit increase the risk of adverse side effects.
Thanks to continuous research and technical advances, miniaturisation and market competitiveness, the
combined procedures are becoming the future of beauty salons.
The aim of the present paper was to discuss the selected procedures based on medical devices used for
treating the most common cosmetic defects; moreover, the biophysical processes occurring in the affected tissues were described.

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