Mothers’ knowledge of administration of first aid to preschoolers in choking incidents

Introduction. The level of knowledge of first aid administration in choking incidents amongst mothers of preschoolers, who are at a higher risk of injuries, is of great importance for the safety of children in health- and life-threatening incidents.
Aim. To assess the knowledge of mothers from the Świetokrzyskie province regarding first aid administration in choking incidents among preschoolers.
Material and methods. The study group included mothers of children aged 3-6 years from the Świętokrzyskie province. The group selection was intentional. The age ranges studied were as follows: 44% – 31-40 years of age, 42% – 21-30 years and 14% above 40 years of age. The diagnostic survey was carried out using a questionnaire designed by the authors.
Results. As much as 76% of participants would not administer first aid due to lack of knowledge and courage. Half of mothers knew proper management in cases of choking whereas less than half of them (44%) would properly restore airway patency. Every 5th mother was found to know proper management in sudden cardiac arrest cases (20%).
1. The level of knowledge of mothers concerning first aid, particularly in cases of choking, was unsatisfactory. Only every 5th mother knew the current guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
2. Despite the awareness of a legal obligation to administer first aid by witnesses of incidents, only every 4th of mothers would give first aid to the affected children.
3. Practical first aid trainings should be carried out systematically, starting at the pre-school age and continuing throughout the life, which will increase the range and effectiveness of pre-medical assistance.

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