Physical fitness and activity among 17-18-year-oldadolescents with asthma

The aim of the study was to assess the level of physical fitness and activity among male adolescents with
asthma or otherwise.
The study was conducted among 129 male adolescents (mean age =17.49 years) from two secondary
schools in Kielce in April-May 2018. Twenty-two individuals (20.56%) declared having allergic asthma with chronic cough and runny nose. Body height and weight were measured and BMI calculated. Moreover, grip strength (the Jamar dynameter), times of shuttles (Beep Test) and abdominal muscle strength (the sit up/min test) were determined. Physical activity was assessed using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) test (long form). An author’s questionnaire was applied to collect information about the place of residence and physical status of respondents.
No statistically significant differences were observed in height, weight and BMI. Boys with allergic asthma had lower beep test scores (p=0.001) and sit up/min scores (p=0.038). As compared to individuals without asthma, boys with asthma spent more time bicycling (p=0.05) and less time in car transport (p=0.044).
Clinicians who provide care for adolescents with asthma should encourage them to participate in various
forms of physical activity to maintain or improve health-related fitness.

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