Quality of life assessment after lower limb vascular surgeries

Vascular diseases in the lower limbs and their consequences significantly affect a patient`s quality of life.
Quality of life is currently considered one of the most important aspects of treatment and rehabilitation.
Aim: The aim of this study was to assess the effect of long term post-operative physiotherapy on well-being and functioning of patients after lower limb vascular surgeries.
Material: The study included 50 people, 28 males and 22 females. The control group consisted of 25
patients who did not have any rehabilitation after discharge from hospital and the study group encompassed 25 subjects who continued post-hospital rehabilitation.
Methods: All patients underwent surgeries due to vascular diseases and received a rehabilitation during
hospitalization. The study group continued rehabilitation after discharge. Quality of life was assessed 4 months after surgical procedures.
Results: Four months after surgery, the quality of life increased statistically significantly in the study group (p<0.05), as compared to the control group. Substantial improvement was observed by 18 (72%) study group patients and 5 (20%) controls. Lack of improvement was noted by 7 (28%) study group patients and 15 (60%) controls. Worsening of the condition was reported by 5 (20%) study group patients and none of controls.
Conclusion: A long-term rehabilitation program significantly improves the quality of life after surgeries.

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