Social Interaction Ability and The Bullying Behaviors among Adolescents: a correlational study

Background: Bullying is an aggressive behaviors that is done deliberately and happened repeatedly to attack the weak victim, bullying is influenced by factors of ability in social interaction. Low ability in the social interaction will make adolescents turn into an aggressive action for addressing their social problems. The impacts of bullying behaviors are as follows: rejection of peers, deviant behavior, delinquency, crime action, psychological disorders, and depression. Methods: The study design used in this study is observasional with cross sectional approach. This study was conducted on 50 respondents in SMK X Malang. Data analysis was performed with the Spearman rank test. Results: Adolescents whose low ability of social interaction were found higher compared to those whose high and moderate ability. There is a relationship between the ability of social interaction and bullying behavior among adolescent. Conclusions: The ability of adolescent in the social interaction becomes an important factor to be taken to suppress the bullying behavior among adolescents.

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