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The effectiveness of selected physiotherapeutic procedures for the treatment of psoriasis

Abstract: Introduction. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of selected physiotherapeutic procedures used in the treatment of psoriasis on the basis of the patients’ subjective assessment. In this work, the following research questions were asked: 1.

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Physiotherapy Identity: Confusion surrounding the title “Gashi” in Northern Nigeria

Physiotherapy is a branch of medical science that deals with the treatment of injuries and/or disorders by using physical agents. Health care providers have attempted to classify physical agents, mechanical modalities, and/or electrotherapy as “Physiotherapy.”Clinicians identified with a system of

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New Methods of Diagnosis and Therapy of Cerebral Palsy Patients

Despite the development of medicine,the cerebral palsy remains one of the most frequent neurological disorders. Long-term care focused on achieving the patient’s maximum independence is still a challenge for the entire therapeutic team. Therefore, it is understandable that new support

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Impact of physiotherapy in auditory processing disorders in children with autism spectrum

Background: Auditory processing disorders (APDs) are characterised by impaired recognition and interpretation of sounds from the external environment. Methods: The study involved 34 boys aged 4-9 years diagnosed with autism attending physiotherapy at the National Autism Society of Kielce. The

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Factors affecting adherence to physiotherapy appointments for caregivers of children with cerebral palsy in Kano metropolis

Background: Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most commonly occurring physical disability in childhood. Poor adherence to physiotherapy appointments after discharged is one of the most problematic issue that makes the assessment of progress very difficult for children with CP in

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Influence of marital discord on compliance to physiotherapy appointment for caregivers of children with cerebral palsy in Kano metropolis (Nigeria)

Background: The involvement of parents in compliance to treatment regime and home program may not be properly achieved where there is marital discord or separation. Despite the high growth of marital conflicts,and high number of children with cerebral palsy, there

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Evaluation physiotherapy group of children with autism spectrum disorders with visual perception

Introduction. Disorders of visual perception can be in the form of weakening: eye-hand coordination, perceptual constancy perception figures and background, perceive the position of objects in space, the perception of spatial relations. The subject of the study was to evaluate

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Physiotherapeutic methods supporting the treatment for gastric cancer

Cancer incidence rates are increasingly high worldwide. Lung, breast, colon, stomach and liver cancers predominate. Nevertheless, advances in cancer treatment have recently been observed. Effective physiotherapy helps to improve the quality of life, reduce pain, dyspnea and prevent bedsores.

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„ …when you’re tired before you even start“ –Fatigue in paediatric oncology seen from different perspectives

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Hippotherapy as a form of physiotherapy support in children with cerebral palsy in the opinion of parents

Hippotherapy is a form of therapy that allows a child to explore the natural world. It gains more and more popularity. It brings very good results in the process of physiotherapy in children with cerebral palsy. It grows very rapidly,

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