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Principles of orthopedic prophylaxis for children and adolescents in context of hips, knees and spine

In physiotherapy there are important proper diagnosis, simple treatment and prophylactics. In the article the authors present in points general and orthopedic rules in a program of prevention of many deformities in locomotors system in children and youth, as well

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Assessment of knowledge about prophylaxis and treatment of osteoporosis among women

Osteoporosis is rated among social diseases due to its extent and consequences and is the third leading cause of death, following heart diseases and neoplasms [1]. The findings of the European Vertebral Osteoporosis Study have revealed that the prevalence of

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The selected risk factors of peripheral arterial disease of the lower extremities

The number of risks and events of diverse negative consequences and ranges is increasingly high; therefore, novel effective life-saving methods are required. Peripheral arterial disease, which affects 12%-14% of the population, is one of the diseases that should be managed.

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