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Validation of Upper Limb Self-efficacy Test (UPSET-stroke) Using Rasch Analysis

Purpose of the Study: The objective of the study was to validate upper limb self-efficacy test (UPSET-stroke), and determine which of the demographic and clinical characteristics of the participants will predict self-efficacy. Materials and Method: A cross-sectional study whose data

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Innovative technologies in medical rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy

Background: Rehabilitation games that combine physical therapy exercises with computer games provide all prerequisites for effective motor learning – repeated practice of the same task with the adjusted difficulty level and motivating feedback in the safe environment. The aim: The

Published in 2019, 23 (2) Keywords: , ,

Changes in gross motor function in patients with cerebral palsy during treatment by the Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System (the Kozyavkin Method)

Background and aim: Changes in gross motor function during the course of intensive neurophysiological rehabilitation were studied in 61 patients, aged 2-15 years, with spastic forms of cerebral palsy. Methods: All patients were examined before and at the end of

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Dynamics of physical development of children with functional single ventricle heart disease at the individual stages of physical rehabilitation

Background: Physical development of children is an important indicator of health. The study aimed to evaluate the dynamics of physical development indicators of children with functional single ventricle heart disease at the individual stages of physical rehabilitation. Methods: A group

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Rehabilitation of cancer pain in lung cancer: role of manual therapy

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world and pain is its most common symptom. Patients with cancer will often undergo multiple medical interventions and prolonged or repeated hospitalizations, they are vulnerable to an overall decrease in activity.

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Rehabilitation outcomes post cemented and cementless total hip replacements in patients with primary coxarthrosis: Comparative study

Background: Degenerative and deformative changes of the hip joints rank among the most severe and most common musculoskeletal conditions affecting the elderly and reasonable number of these patients receive Total hip replacement (THR) with or without cement. The aim of

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Rehabilitation in the aquatic environment

An increasing number of individuals with different types of musculoskeletal dysfunction results in growing significance of rehabilitation in the aquatic environment as an important alternative to classic rehabilitation. The specific physicochemical features of water enable treatment as well as a

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Integrated treatment with endodermal massage, proprioceptive rehabilitation, viscoelastic, plantar orthosis and myofascial manual therapy on skin graft: case report

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Availability and effectiveness of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation according to subjective assessment of women after mastectomy

Breast cancer is currently the most dangerous and common malignant neoplasm occurring in women. Diagnosis and treatment of cancers affect women’s mental, physical and social functioning. Demands for rehabilitation therapy of women after mastectomy are increasingly high. The aim of

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