The individual health doctrine: some findings

The article generalizes the author’s findings of years of research. Methodology and a simple method of estimation of the level of health of individual were developed. It was established that the basis of somatic health depends on the effectiveness of the apparatus of the mitochondria that appeared on the organism’s level in the form of maximum aerobic capacity of energy production. The increase of aerobic capacity of the biological systems causes two systems of the feedback that are the expansion of reserve and economization of functions. This finding was used to build the “scale” of individual health. The application of this method during population’s studies revealed a number of new phenomena, such as the “safe level” of health, above which neither endogenous risk factors of coronary heart disease, nor manifestation of the disease, nor “self-development” of the pathological preventive rehabilitation process after an individual left the “safe zone” of health and others have not been registered. A new direction of the primary individual prevention of IHD (in addition to the population‘s and the group’s prevention) was initiated. It was called “preventive rehabilitation” – return of the individual to a “safe zone” of health.

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