Anatomy education in physiotherapy training in Nigeria: perception of Nigeria trained physiotherapists

Background: Sound anatomy knowledge is prerequisite to effective physiotherapy education and practice. There is need for evaluation of physiotherapists’ perception of anatomy education (AE) in Nigerian physiotherapy training programmes in order to introduce appropriate modifications for improved learning and clinical practice.
Methodology: 172 physiotherapists trained and practicing in Nigeria, selected with cluster sampling technique from ten clinical physiotherapy departments in Nigeria, participated in this descriptive survey. They responded to a validated structured questionnaire seeking information on their AE profile, perceived challenges of AE and recommendations for improvement. The data were summarized with descriptive statistics of frequency and percentages.
Results: Most (52.3%) reported that their undergraduate AE was insufficient to support their clinical expertise. Covering vast topics within a short period (68.6%), large class size (63.1%), poor teaching facilities (59.9%) and poor practical class supervision (52.9%) were the major reported challenges to effective AE. Most acknowledged a positive relationship between anatomy and physiotherapy (57.0%) as well the relevance of anatomy knowledge in physiotherapy practice (60.5%). Physiotherapists perceived the impact of anatomy knowledge to be the most relevant in assessment and evaluation procedures (53.9%). Participating in AE in undergraduate programmes (60.5%), increased practical class supervision (50.6%) and the use of electronic aids (44.2%) were reported as the major areas for improvement in physiotherapy training-related AE.
Conclusion: Physiotherapists are sufficiently aware of the relevance of anatomy knowledge in their clinical expertise. AE in Nigerian undergraduate physiotherapy programmes is insufficient to support optimum physiotherapy practice. Improved anatomy teaching-learning processes as well as creating better links between anatomy and core physiotherapy courses are recommended.

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