Assessment of effectiveness of health resort-based treatment in individuals after hip endoprothesoplasty

Introduction. The aim of the present study was to assess the effectiveness of health resort-based treatment in patients after hip endoprothesoplasty and to determine whether the treatment provided reduced the intensity of pain experienced by individuals after such procedures. Another objective was to define whether the age of patients and types of endoprostheses affected the treatment outcomes.
Methods. The study included the group of 30 patients who underwent hip endoprothesoplasty and completed health resort-based treatment. The treatment included cryotherapy, magnetotherapy and kinesitherapy. The diagnostic questionnaire was used. Prior to calculations, each assessment of pain intensity expressed descriptively in the questionnaire was scored from 0 to 10 (the visual analogue scale- VAS). Pain assessments before and after the treatment were compared using descriptive statistics (mean, standard variation, median, minimum, maximum, Student1s t test). Intervariable correlations were analysed using the Spearman’s rank correlation. P<0.001 was considered statistically significant.
Results. Fifty % of individuals in the study group (n=15) aged ≥60 years, 30% aged 51-60 years (n=9) whereas 16.7% (n=5) – 41-50 years; one patient (3.3%) was within the range of 30-40 years. The most common procedures applied were magnetotherapy (76.7%, n=23) followed by UGUL therapy (73.3%, n=22), individual exercises with physiotherapists (66.7%, n=20) and cryotherapy (5.3%, n-=16). In 15 cases (50%), attending physicians ordered some other procedures.
Conclusions. The VAS scores were found to be statistically significantly lower after the health resort-based treatment, which regarded both the overall and individual indices. In all study groups, pain intensity diminished, which evidences the effectiveness of complex sanatorium therapy.

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