The individual health doctrine: some findings

The article generalizes the author’s findings of years of research. Methodology and a simple method of estimation of the level of health of individual were developed. It was established that the basis of somatic health depends on the effectiveness of

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The change of the image of women in the modern world and eating disorders

The image of women and canons of beauty with time have been subject to a constant change. The aim of this study was to discuss the changing image of the fair sex in the modern world and to show the

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Effectiveness of physiotherapeutic procedures for the treatment of lumbar

Spine diseases are a worldwide social problem affecting increasingly high numbers of and younger individuals. The main complaints of patients with lumbar discopathy are pain sensations.The incidence of lumbar spine pain is increasingly high; therefore, lumbar pain disorders are called

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Phototoxic and photoallergic reactions after cosmetics

Photoallergic and phototoxic eczemas belong to exogenous photodermatoses. UV radiation and external factors which sensitized skin to sunlight are needed to form such eczemas, and the feature of all photodermatoses is the provocation or increasing of symptoms on exposure to

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Availability and effectiveness of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation according to subjective assessment of women after mastectomy

Breast cancer is currently the most dangerous and common malignant neoplasm occurring in women. Diagnosis and treatment of cancers affect women’s mental, physical and social functioning. Demands for rehabilitation therapy of women after mastectomy are increasingly high. The aim of

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The nature of developmental and educational dysfunctions of a modern family

The socio-psychological reality, in which the modern family functions, requires many interdisciplinary studies undertaken for diagnostic as well as corrective and therapeutic (aiding) purposes. This paper attempts to present, from the psychological perspective, the issue of dysfunction in terms of

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