Allergenic potential of cosmetic ingredients

The present study discusses basic issues of cosmetological allergology, the essence of allergy and its mechanism. Allergenic and irritating effects of fragrance substances, preservatives, dyes, artificial nails and other cosmetic compounds causing allergic symptoms have been demonstrated. Moreover, legal aspects

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Changes in lung aeration and cross-sectional areas of the pulmonary vascular tree in animals exposed to oxygen up to 0.3 MPa

Clinical observations and results of experimental studies have demonstrated airway oxygen toxicity both in normo- and in hyperbarism. The majority of studies regard the lung parenchymal changes and only single ones focus on the effects of oxygen hyperbarism on the

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Ebola – the most serious health challenge of modern times

The Ebola virus of the Filoviridae family causes haemorrhagic fever in humans called Ebola virus disease (EVD) or Ebola haemorrhagic fever (EHF). According to its places of occurrence, five subtypes of disease have been distinguished. EVD is transmitted by blood

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Knowledge of first aid in road traffic accidents among drivers from the Staszów County

Introduction. Considering the extent and consequences of road traffic accidents, drivers should know the principles of first aid. Aim. The aim of the study was to determine the scope of knowledge concerning principles of first aid provided in road traffic

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Rehabilitation in the aquatic environment

An increasing number of individuals with different types of musculoskeletal dysfunction results in growing significance of rehabilitation in the aquatic environment as an important alternative to classic rehabilitation. The specific physicochemical features of water enable treatment as well as a

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Traveller’s first aid kit

Currently, the mobility of humans between continents is increasingly common. The world is sometimes referred to as a global village, and travels to tropical countries are more and more popular. Many Polish citizens travel every year to the tropics, and

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