Correlates, predictors, reference ranges and agreement between percent body fat measured using bioelectric impedance analysis and skinfold-thickness measurements in young nigerian adults

Background: Establishment of population specific normative databases for body composition is important in determining clinically useful cut-points for definition of excessive body fat or obesity for preventive or treatment programmes. This study provides the correlates, predictors, reference ranges and agreement

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Cultural adaptation to Polish conditions as an element of validation of the Berger HIV stigma scale – preliminary report

The AIDS dynamics shows that the problem of people living with HIV/AIDS is not only medical but also social. The HIV/AIDS-infected continue to suffer from stigmatization and social discrimination. The Berger HIV stigma scale may be a useful research tool

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Decompression sickness as a threat to divers

Decompression sickness (DCS), also known as divers` disease, the bends or caisson disease, is the biggest threat of diving, including saturation diving. DCS is a condition caused by gas bubbles appearing in the organism resulting from desaturation of bodily fluids

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Rehabilitation of cancer pain in lung cancer: role of manual therapy

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world and pain is its most common symptom. Patients with cancer will often undergo multiple medical interventions and prolonged or repeated hospitalizations, they are vulnerable to an overall decrease in activity.

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The selected risk factors of peripheral arterial disease of the lower extremities

The number of risks and events of diverse negative consequences and ranges is increasingly high; therefore, novel effective life-saving methods are required. Peripheral arterial disease, which affects 12%-14% of the population, is one of the diseases that should be managed.

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Tropical infectious disease – leprosy

Leprosy (Hansen’s disease) is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis. It is divided into the lepromatous (lepra lepromatosa tuberosa) and tuberculoid form (lepra tuberculoides). Leprosy can affect occur at any age but the highest incidence

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