An Education Program for Prevention of Cerebral Palsy for Pregnant Women Attending Anti-natal Clinics: A descriptive Survey

CP is the commonest and a leading cause of chronic childhood disability, with profound medical, emotional, and economic consequences. The lack of knowledge among pregnant women and mothers of CP children affect their participation in the management of the condition

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Immediate effect of exoskeleton hbp (human body posturizer) in healthy individuals: A pilot study.

Without the intervention of muscular strength and proprioceptive function, humans would not be able to maintain the upright position , it would tend to fall. This continuous solution of instability promotes a more dynamicity , because an unstable balance structure

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Evaluative and therapeutic applications of electroneurofeedback: pilot study

The impedance is a vector physical quantity that represents the opposition power of a dipole to alternating energetic current or a variable one. The skin is a non-conducting tissue and hardly it is gone through by electrical current. Therefore,comparing the

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Improving the functioning of children, age 3-6 years, with central nervous system damage

Based on knowledge gained throughout years of working with children with cerebral palsy, teachers and specialists of the Special Preschool No. 11 in Lublin have developed their own functionality improving system for those disabled children. The main objectives of the

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Flexible software for the elimination of the markers used in the analysis of human posture through kinect®sensor

From a cibernetic approach, the body system can be defined like a net of structural and functional related subsystems with motor equifinality inside the concept of balance, energetic economy and comfort: therefore the ideal posture is the one that allows

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“Functional facilitation” of infants and toddlers with central nervous system damage

The author based on his own long experience defines the term „functional facilitation” in relation to infants and young children with damage to the central nervous system, describes its origins and the importance not only for mastering the future activities

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