Validity and reliability of hausa version of the oswestry disability index

Background: Translation of psychometrically sound instruments into different local languages is perceived to allow easy accessibility and understanding of the instruments. There is a dearth of valid and reliable versions of the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) in Nigerian languages. The

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Hyperbary – the common roots of treatment of people and exploration of sea depths

Elevated ambient pressure is inseparable from exploration of sea depths.The first attempts to design underwater devices almost immediately followed the construction of vehicles to navigate the sea surface. However, it took decades to design a land-based model of hyperbaric conditions

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Myofascial Manual Release In Cardiac Rehabilitation: Therapeutic Effects Post Sternotomy Surgery

Cardiovascular diseases represent actually the major cause of premature death in Europe even if there has been a drop in the death rate caused by those pathologies in developed countries, while they still preserve their main role as death cause

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Diagnosis of varicose veins of the lower limbs – functional tests

Varicose veins of the lower limbs are dilated, gnarled, swirled and twisted superficial veins with balloon -like bulges. They are divided into two types – primary varicose veins with normal deep veins and secondary ones which develop after trauma or

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Modern views on hospital chaplain ministry

The originality of the issue undertaken lies in presenting the ministry of a hospital chaplain in the religious patchwork environment, i.e. a hospital, where we can encounter people with their own „recipe for religion”, who accept some religious elements while

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Physiotherapeutic methods supporting the treatment for gastric cancer

Cancer incidence rates are increasingly high worldwide. Lung, breast, colon, stomach and liver cancers predominate. Nevertheless, advances in cancer treatment have recently been observed. Effective physiotherapy helps to improve the quality of life, reduce pain, dyspnea and prevent bedsores.

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