Sense of coherence and assessment of theoretical and practical preparation for the paramedic profession

Paramedics are very well educated healthcare professionals to manage life- and health-threatening conditions. In a few studies regarding the effects of the sense of coherence on various planes of professional life of paramedics, an attempt was made to determine the

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Transurethral incision of a ureterocele in children under ultrasound control

Transurethral incision (TUI) is a popular method of treatment used in children with ureteroceles. The procedure can be difficult because of dimensions, localization and thickness of a ureterocele as well as its relation to other ureteral orifices . The aim

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Influence of cardiorespiratory fitness on blood pressure among teenagers in Kano, North Western Nigeria

This study investigated the influence of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) on blood pressure (BP) among teenagers in Kano state. A cross-section study design was used. A total of five hundred and twenty (520) teenage students aged 13 – 19 years were

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Impact of breast hypertrophy on musculoskeletal pain, sexual function and physical activity

Background: Breast hypertrophy affects personal relationships, attracts unwanted attention, especially from men, and is likely to cause muscular discomfort and overstretching of the skin envelop, which can lead to ulceration. Objectives: To determine the difference in musculoskeletal pain, sexual function

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Knowledge and Practice of Suitable Breastfeeding and Infant Carrying Positions among Nigerian Nursing Mothers

Breastfeeding and infant carrying tasks are usually associated with posture-related musculoskeletal disorders. This study investigated the knowledge and practice of suitable breastfeeding (BF) and infant carrying (IF) positions among Nigerian nursing mothers. Methods: Three hundred and fifty consenting nursing mothers

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Assessment of knowledge about prophylaxis and treatment of osteoporosis among women

Osteoporosis is rated among social diseases due to its extent and consequences and is the third leading cause of death, following heart diseases and neoplasms [1]. The findings of the European Vertebral Osteoporosis Study have revealed that the prevalence of

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Developing a tool for objective assessment of trunk balance in people with stroke: A pilot study

Loss of trunk functions following stroke ranks among the major causes of balance impairment and falls. This pilot study was aimed at developing and testing a tool to objectively assess trunk balance in post-stroke individuals. A total of 20 participants

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