Pathological changes and their assessment in patients after cerebellar infarct

The cerebellum is a structure responsible for many important functions in human life. Cerebellar infarcts are very rare and account for a small percentage of all infarcts. Among other things, the influence of cerebellar infarct on imbalance, the ability to

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The Effect Of Aerobic Dance Exercise On Self-Perceived Body Image And Self-Esteem In Overweight And Obese Individuals

Background: Exercises are fundamental to the physical management of obesity. Their roles in the management of other psychological complications of obesity have not been widely studied. Such information on the psychological benefits of exercise will guide a more holistic approach

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Relationships between body somatotype and handgrip strength of young Nigerian undergraduate students

Background: Somatotype (SMT) is characterised by overall body adiposity, muscle mass distribution and strength. However, little is known about the connection between SMT and handgrip strength (HGS) in young healthy individuals. This study investigates the relationship between SMT and HGS

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Effects of rebound exercises on overweight and obese adults: A scoping review

Background: Rebounding exercise is a trending aerobic exercise with growing interests in the health industry because of the reported health benefits following minimal physical efforts. Empirically, it seems to have great potential for managing overweight and obesity, highlighting the need

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