Evaluative and therapeutic applications of electroneurofeedback: pilot study

The impedance is a vector physical quantity that represents the opposition power of a dipole to alternating energetic current or a variable one. The skin is a non-conducting tissue and hardly it is gone through by electrical current. Therefore,comparing the local impedance to ideals parameters, it can get information about the hydroelectric and tissue aspects of the study area. Aim of the study is to assess the effectiveness of electroneurofeedback system both in the evaluation of the most dysfunctional area, founded inside the muscle affected by myofascial syndrome and in treatment of this one. The skin impedance paremeters that resulted alterated in the area of major dysfunction have been compared with two system already verified in literature: myoton (myometry) and pressure algometer , to underline the efficacy of this device in the evaluation. Results indicate that ENF is immediately effective in neck pain treatment linked with myofascial dysfunction

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Vincent Pol University in Lublin