Hydrolate rose (Rosa Flower Water) as an ingredient in cosmetics for sensitive skin

The INCI composition of fifty-three preparations containing rose water (Rosa Flower Water), intended for the care of sensitive, delicate and mature skin, was analysed. The analysis of ingredients proved that rose water is either the base of the product or acts as an active substance. In almost all cases, it is composed in cosmetics with the addition of butters, oils or plant extracts and soothing substances, thanks to which a broad spectrum of activity is declared. Manufacturers declare that the cosmetics improve the overall condition of the epidermis, protect, soothe, and support the reconstruction of the hydrolipid barrier and biological regeneration. Rose petals hydrosol can be a skin care cosmetic in itself and can be a valuable active ingredient, both in preparations for sensitive and delicate skin, as well as in any other preparations which require moisturizing and soothing irritations.

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Vincent Pol University in Lublin