Immediate effect of exoskeleton hbp (human body posturizer) in healthy individuals: A pilot study.

Without the intervention of muscular strength and proprioceptive function, humans would not be able to maintain the upright position , it would tend to fall. This continuous solution of instability promotes a more dynamicity , because an unstable balance structure can be put in motion more easily than a stable balanced structure. In fact, human body is capable more of mobility at the expense of stability. Postural control is the ability of the body to manage high instability situation , near to the point where postural balance is no longer recoverable. It is based on coordinated and synergistic mechanisms of proprioceptive and exteroceptive act. The new exoskeleton HBP (Human Body Posturizer), has the objective of physiologically aligning the column to get a beneficial effect on the alignment of the global subject by stimulating peripheral proprioceptors. We have developed an evaluation protocol through the use of measurement instruments: the Biometrics digitized system and the I- Moove Coordination Test , in a sample of 50 healthy young subjects , randomly taken from healthy population, to detect changes in postural parameters and motor coordination ,before, after and during use of HBP. Results show that the exoskeleton immediately changes the posture and balance of the subjects examined, surely acting also on peripheral receptors toward a physiological spinal alignment.

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Vincent Pol University in Lublin