Preventive rehabilitation as a new direction of restorative medicine (development of thermodynamic health concept)

The fundamental position on the essence of life and health as a manifestation of the transformation of solar energy into other types of energy (thermal, mechanical, electrical, etc.) used in life processes is discussed. It is asserted that the effectiveness of intracellular energy formation as a manifestation of the function of mitochondria (the final stage of solar energy transformation) is an indicator of the body’s resistance to external and internal negative influences. This makes it possible to approach a quantitative assessment of the level of health (vitality) of the individual. There is a level of energy education, above which neither endogenous risk factors nor the diseases themselves are registered. He was given a quantitative characteristic (“safe” level of health). It is proved that the output of the majority of the population from the “safe” health zone is the direct cause of the epidemic of chronic non-infectious diseases. To prevent the development of this epidemic, it is necessary to return to “safe zones” of health. This is the essence of preventive rehabilitation.

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Vincent Pol University in Lublin