Rehabilitation path for patients with spinal cord injury from critical condition to optimal independence in everyday life on the example of the activities of the Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute in Italy

The purpose of this study is to present the activity of the Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute in Imola, Italy. The organisation of the Institute and the scope of multi-directional and multi-stage specialised assistance for people with a spine fracture with coexisting spinal cord injury, puts it at the forefront among the centres of this nature in Italy.
The most characteristic feature of the Institute is that patients go through the entire rehabilitation path in one place. This is important both for themselves and for therapists who can track patients’ progress from severe condition to complete autonomy.
Another quality which must not be overlooked are the social, family and environmental aspects which facilitate a return to everyday life after a discharge from hospital. The role of the model where the patient is at the centre of the multidisciplinary team is very important in the process. The team includes an internist, pneumologist, anaesthesiologist, neurologist, physiotherapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse, health carer, educator, psychologist, speech therapist, social worker, peer consultant, volunteer.
Social organisations and foundations which cooperate with the institute on an ongoing basis, also play a very important role. They usually consist of former Montecatone patients who want to share their own experience as well as implement specific information projects related to, for example, social and legal advice. This allows the patients to stay in contact with the outside world.
Another option are sports activities outside the hospital. In this way, sport is used for rehabilitation and socialisation, and patients are getting ready for living outside the hospital.

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