Sense of coherence and assessment of theoretical and practical preparation for the paramedic profession

Paramedics are very well educated healthcare professionals to manage life- and health-threatening
In a few studies regarding the effects of the sense of coherence on various planes of professional life of
paramedics, an attempt was made to determine the relationships between this personality variable and
assessment of preparation for profession, which translated into professionalism of the medical interventions
The individuals assessing the theoretical and practical preparation as good were characterised by
significantly higher levels of the sense of coherence (SOC) and the sense of manageability, as compared to
those who considered their practical preparation superior to theoretical one.
The participants reporting not enough theoretical knowledge provided concerned mainly anatomy
and physiology had significantly lower mean scores (p=0.004) assessing the sense of comprehensibility, as
compared to those pointing out insufficient knowledge of pharmacology they were taught.
The sense of coherence is a variable affecting the diversification of paramedics in assessing the theoretical
and practical preparation for their profession.
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