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Effects of rebound exercises on overweight and obese adults: A scoping review

Background: Rebounding exercise is a trending aerobic exercise with growing interests in the health industry because of the reported health benefits following minimal physical efforts. Empirically, it seems to have great potential for managing overweight and obesity, highlighting the need

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Erroneous theory of the transverse arch of the foot and its negative consequences

Based on our own research and the literature overview we verified the concept of the transverse arch of the foot and the use of this concept in the aetiology of acquired female foot changes. The results of podological studies carried

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Principles of orthopedic prophylaxis for children and adolescents in context of hips, knees and spine

In physiotherapy there are important proper diagnosis, simple treatment and prophylactics. In the article the authors present in points general and orthopedic rules in a program of prevention of many deformities in locomotors system in children and youth, as well

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