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Principles of orthopedic prophylaxis for children and adolescents in context of hips, knees and spine

In physiotherapy there are important proper diagnosis, simple treatment and prophylactics. In the article the authors present in points general and orthopedic rules in a program of prevention of many deformities in locomotors system in children and youth, as well

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Evaluation of longitudinal and transverse foot arches in 7-8-year-old children

Introduction: Posturaldefects are an essential social problem. The rapid development of technology resulted in limited physical activity among the youngest children, which leads to postural defects and abnormalities in foot development in children. Material and methods: The study encompassed 42

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Transurethral incision of a ureterocele in children under ultrasound control

Transurethral incision (TUI) is a popular method of treatment used in children with ureteroceles. The procedure can be difficult because of dimensions, localization and thickness of a ureterocele as well as its relation to other ureteral orifices . The aim

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Mothers’ knowledge of administration of first aid to preschoolers in choking incidents

Introduction. The level of knowledge of first aid administration in choking incidents amongst mothers of preschoolers, who are at a higher risk of injuries, is of great importance for the safety of children in health- and life-threatening incidents. Aim. To

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Evaluation physiotherapy group of children with autism spectrum disorders with visual perception

Introduction. Disorders of visual perception can be in the form of weakening: eye-hand coordination, perceptual constancy perception figures and background, perceive the position of objects in space, the perception of spatial relations. The subject of the study was to evaluate

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Kynotherapy as a method of supporting the development of independence of children with Down syndrome

More and more therapists, teachers and parents are becoming interested kynotherapy (dog therapy). It has been successfully used in pedagogical therapy, rehabilitation, psychotherapy and rehabilitation of children and adults. In the case of children with disabilities it is also a

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Improving the functioning of children, age 3-6 years, with central nervous system damage

Based on knowledge gained throughout years of working with children with cerebral palsy, teachers and specialists of the Special Preschool No. 11 in Lublin have developed their own functionality improving system for those disabled children. The main objectives of the

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