The Effect Of Aerobic Dance Exercise On Self-Perceived Body Image And Self-Esteem In Overweight And Obese Individuals

Background: Exercises are fundamental to the physical management of obesity. Their roles in the management of other psychological complications of obesity have not been widely studied. Such information on the psychological benefits of exercise will guide a more holistic approach of obesity management.
Aim: This study assessed the effect of aerobic dance exercise on the self-esteem and body image dissatisfaction of overweight and obese adults.
Methodology: This is a randomized controlled trial study involving 54 overweight and obese adults (27 experimental and 27 controls), consisting of 16 men and 38 women. The experimental group performed three sessions of 30 minutes dance aerobics weekly for a total of six weeks while the controls did not perform any exercise. Pre and post intervention body mass index (BMI), waist-hip-ratio (WHR), body size dissatisfaction (BSD) and self-esteem (SE) measurements were taken at baseline and end of the sixth week.
Result: 16 male and 38 female undergraduate students of mean age 21.0± 2.1 were recruited from University of Nigeria, Enugu. Findings revealed significant improvements in the BMI (p=0.001), WHR (p=0.002), BSD (p=0.001) and SE (p=0.001) of the experimental group compared to those of the control.
Conclusion: Participants involved in 6 weeks dance aerobics showed a great improvement in self-esteem and reduction in both physical parameters and body size dissatisfaction which was not seen in control group.

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